Completion With Windows



Hoist Test Lift



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Farewell MAF

Friday morning all of MAF met in front of the new shed for devotions and a few short thank you speeches, then the guys were each given a bilum – hung around the neck and a PNG T-shirt.  Someone said “you came in black NZ T-shirts and you will leave in PNG T-shirts”! (black, red and yellow with  the flags of each province on the sleeves).  We all stood in a large circle for a dedication prayer, then the team stood in a line and everyone filed past for hand shakes and good bye hugs.





Ben does an impressive haka



The PNG Team outside the MAF Hanger



Early morning visitor at the Baptist compound



We waited 2 weeks for the beach-ball to come out


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Last day on the job

Thursday was our last day working – water-tight and locked up was the goal.  At 10:30pm the job was done.  We headed home for a well-earned rest – only to find the power off, so it was showers and packing bags by torch-light.


Moving one of the vehicle hoist columns

Lunch provided by the MAF staff

Glad Andrew knows what he's doing!

The last stages outside

Casey works with Dave on the hoist

Rain and nightfall approaching

hanging around

Roller door on the move

That's one door done

If all else fails - RTM

Raising the second door



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A second 12 hour shift

Wednesday – another 6am start on site, working through till 6pm.  Followed by a buffet dinner with MAF staff at the Hotel Poroman.


Custom made stretcher carried this guy 3 days to a remote airstrip for MAF medevac




Round town



Lunch at Matt & Jo's place - great coffee



The roof goes on



This view won't last long



Lookin' good



The blue truck gets a park



Buffet Poroman


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a thousand thank-yous!

Missing you Pirimai Shed13 guys already!  Words can’t adequately express how deeply and hugely we appreciate you coming here – you worked so hard and long, you were such fun, you made friends everywhere, you were generous and kind, you blessed and encouraged MAF enormously!  Our hats are off!  xo

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All in a days work

It was up early and off to work at 5:45am this morning.  Work progressed well on the cladding and the first section of roofing.  A lot of the wiring work has been done and the internal walls are being built.  The work continued till 6pm breaking only for lunch and rain.  With only two days to go, Wednesday will follow the same schedule.

After work we went straight to Nancy’s place and shared in a fantastic “mumu” that the men had put down that afternoon.  Chicken, pork, sweet potato, cooked banana and a leafy dish (ed. Jenny to name this) were accompanied by juicy paw-paw and pineapple.  John (who is in a wheelchair) and Sela (pron. “Sa-la”) shared their stories and how they came to know Nancy.  A young boy Jason also told us how his family were forced out of their house and he was then left to himself when his parents broke up – through friends he also came to join Nancy’s “youth group”.

The group of men so appreciated our two visits that they gave us a number of locally made bags and each member of the NZ team received a PNG beanie.  We are truly humbled and buzzing with the bond that has been formed.

Sunrise at Five Fifty Nine

Water tanks were filled over night with this Rotorua fire truck making 9 trips

Getting under way

One sheet to go and the cladding is complete

Dave's carpenters build the internal wall framing

Rolling out the mesh

Afternoon rain - and proof that Andrew C's back is feeling much better!


Young boys at Nancy's house

The kunai-house

Lifting the mumu

Lifting the mumu

Setting out the food (Sela in white)

This leafy vege tasted great

Great food

Samuel holding the volleyball - signed for the Iconz boys

Gifts received

Every one of us was given a PNG beanie

A night to remember

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Back to work

Exodus (the lead mechanic) and Andrew C

An imposing visitor

We worked till 6pm today

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